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Topographical data from Drone
Drone photogrammetry for Event sites
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Photogrammetry and Events

How 345 Drones uses Photogrammetry to aid Event Build, Site and Production Crews.


With one site visit, using RTK and GNSS, we can survey the site, build a highly accurate topographical map for layout and record the state of the site. 


Using DroneDeploy software we will be able to produce 2D and/or 3D maps which can be integrated to CAD programs so you can overlay site plans to see how stage or marquee layout will work.


Also how they are likely to be affected by slope and location. Allowing for more accurate load lists and easy re-calculation if elements have to move.


Regular visits could be made to record progress for sharing with Event partners. A pre-show flight could record the full set-up. Using integral count AI all elements of the build could be counted and recorded. For the benefit of  the Production staff a highly useable map of the event site could be produced for reference.

Making use of the RTK data from the first flight these can be arranged as layers to give a timeline of the build.


Once the Event is de-rigged and the land is return to the owner a final visit could then be made to provide a record of the state of the ground for use in the consideration of reparations.

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