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Stalbridge Church at Dawn

Aerial Drone Inspection

Use 345 Drones to save you money and keep you safe.


345 Drones are here to help builders, landlords, insurance assessors, heritage site surveyors and homeowners by providing safe and quick access to all areas of their projects/properties. 

Stop using a ladder and clambering over roofs, save money on Scaffold or MEWP hire, using our drones we can give you a detailed view of your problem instantly.

Roof and chimney inspections can now be done by viewing high quality images in the comfort of your office. 

Storm damage and Insurance claims can now be detailed with the use of high quality images

Roofs, chimneys, skylights and other hard to access locations can all be captured from distance quickly and simply using drones with cameras possessing up to 56x zoom.

For simple inspections we can provide lo-res images on location and within 24 hours we can provide high resolution pictures.


We can offer everything from a simple site visit providing 12MP (MegaPixel) images for a domestic chimney up to complex photomosaics and 3D modelling for larger building and heritage projects using 12MP pictures and 4K video.

Whatever your needs and budget, we can provide a solution that fits.

Some of our work

Chimney Inspection, Marnhull


The customer had noticed some damp in the living room fire place and we were asked to inspect the chimney for any signs of obvious leaks or degradation.


Using the images we provided of the flashings and the flaunching, it was decided that the flaunching would need to be re-done 

Aerial Drone Photography for Chimney Inspection
Aerial Drone Photography for Chimney Inspection
Aerial Drone Photography for Chimney Inspection
Aerial Drone Photography for Chimney Inspection
Aerial Drone Photography for Roof Inspection

Roof and Chimney Inspection, Hazelbury Bryan

Following heavy winds dislodging the 2 missing pots, we were requested to make a flight so that the chimney could have a closer inspection to allow the customer to see the need for work to be done to prevent a collapse and possibly greater cost through damage to the roof.

We were also able to provide pictures to show the degradation to the roof tiles. Once up there it was easy to see how bad the roof had become.

Aerial Drone Photography for Chimney Inspection

Chimney Inspection

Sturminster Newton

The customer had complained of damp within the house near the chimney. We were able to take the drone up and see that the lead flashings and trays had been incorrectly fitted.


Once the scaffold was erected it became clear that the chimney had been poorly constructed.


It was decided that the chimney would have to be removed & roof tiles put in it's place

St Mary's Church, Stalbridge


After a practise flight, shooting some landscape photos, I flew above the church and took several photos. On showing the pictures to the local builder who does the repair work for the church, he was able to pinpoint missing tiles that had been causing leaks as well as identifiying several areas of the roof that required urgent attention.

Without the photos, it would have been a substantial time before a hands-on survey could have been done and with the steepness of the roofs and number of valleys it is very possible a hands-on survey might create more problems. 


The repairs made have aided in the preservation of the local church.

Aerial Drone Photography for Roof Inspection

Stalbridge Primary School


During the summer holidays I was given permission to fly over the school and survey the roof to gain more experience in photogrammetry and 3D models.


 In this example of photogrammetry, there are nearly 300 images stitched together to show a complete picture of a school's roof, each individual picture can be viewed to examine issues in closer detail and the model can be used to measure and estimate repairs, materials and show potential issues to the companies involved in the work. 

With facade shots, we were able to create a 3D model of the entire building that the builders could use for reference within their quote. The ability to pinpoint and show unseen areas such as between the flat roof and pitched roofs meant that no expensive edge protection scaffold or fall prevention system needed to be used until work begun

Photogrammetry model of larger roof inspection
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