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Drones for Agriculture

Grow with confidence

Map fields in minutes to conduct stand counts, identify variability, and make in-field recommendations, all offline at the field's edge

DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral

New standard for portable multispectral drones
The DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral is designed for precision agriculture and environmental monitoring.

The 3M is equipped with a multispectral imaging system that enables farmers to quickly capture crop growth information. This data-driven approach helps achieve more effective crop production by making informed decisions.
The Mavic 3M includes an RTK module that achieves centimetre-level positioning.
It has 43 minutes of flight time allowing it to survey and map an area as vast as 2 square kilometres in a single flight.

Its built-in camera array combines Green, Red, Red Edge, and Near Infrared sensors.

  • Near Infrared: 860 nm ± 26 nm

  • Red: 650 nm ± 16 nm

  • Red Edge: 730 nm ± 16 nm

  • Green: 560nm ± 16 nm

These sensors support the NDVI, GNDVI, and NDRE vegetation indexes to provide farmers with vital information.

  • NDVI: Makes it possible to detect plants under stress, differentiate between crops, and determine at which stage they are in their growing cycle.

  • NDRE: Provides insights on chlorophyll content in leaves.

  • GNDVI: Useful for estimating photosynthetic activity, as well as water and nitrogen content in the plant canopy.

Aerial Drone Photography Dorset
Drone Photogrsmmetry for Agriculture 345 Drones

Stay informed with precise reports

Combining with our software partners we can develop concise reports for precision agriculture that provides valuable and ready-to-use crop insights, accurate prescription maps for variable rate applications and spot spraying, detailed PDF reports for agricultural insurance, and more.

Scout your field in minutes to discover threats to yield before they become a problem. Quantify and tag issues in an automatic report, then monitor the effect of treatment plans over the course of the season.

Map 100 acres in less than 15 minutes, we can analyze our information at the field’s edge to prioritize scouting efforts. 

The Mavic 3M comes with an RTK module, allowing us to conduct high-precision aerial surveys with care & efficiency.

The RTK module enables centimeter-level positioning. Flight control, the camera, and the RTK module sync in microseconds to accurately capture the location of each camera's imaging centre.

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