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Stalbridge Primary School Drone Photogrammetry

Drones in Construction and Site Surveys

Our drone surveying services are perfect for those in need of accurate mapping for their construction sites. Our state-of-the-art drones use dynamic technology to produce cm-accurate results using RTK. We can overlay our mapping onto most site design programs, and our progress reporting includes layering from different visits, providing you with the an accurate picture of how your site is progressing.

Using our software partners, RTK GNSS and DJI Drone technology we can provide detailed reports that can include precise measurements, product counts, spoil volumes, area calculations, thermal radiation measurements as well as creating detailed reports with accurate, measurable 2D and 3D models that can be adapted for use in CAD and other professional modelling software. Allowing you to develop more accurate quotes for customers and integrate information seamlessly across your workflow.

Allow us to map the interiors of your projects using 360º cameras so that you can have a complete overview for reporting to partners and clients.

Abandoned Mining Site Aerial Drone Photography

Site Progress Reports

Why choose 345 Drones for your site reports?



Automatically organize photos across the entire project lifecycle 


Keep a clear record of all structural elements, validate quality of work and detect issues early.


Share annotated reports or 360 walkthroughs with your teams and trade partners in real-time.

Inspect hard to reach areas, such as roofs and facades, without putting your teams at risk.

If you’re looking for integrated solutions for site progress deliverables, look no further than our partnership with Pix4D and UcGS. Their cutting edge technology ensures that we can plan, execute and deliver stunning site maps and the most accurate 3D models possible- providing you with the tools necessary to make informed decisions about your project. Our accurate Site progress report services are the perfect solution for you.

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