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We offer a comprehensive aerial drone inspection and survey service that is fully insured and CAA approved.

Based in Dorset and offering Local and National services.

Our experienced pilots utilise the latest technology to safely access places that would otherwise be out of reach.

We can provide full information with a high level of accuracy, ensuring you get the best possible data for your project.

Using state of the art 360º cameras and specialist software we can create internal and external 3D models for your projects

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345 Drones can provide a modern solution to help you acquire accurate information about your next project.

- We can help you by providing a new perspective on your projects, see your site, project, house or fields from an alternative view, allowing us to give you information that would be nearly impossible to obtain from the ground.

- Using the latest surveying and inspection drones mitigates the risk of working at height providing potential savings in costs for scaffolding or plant hire.

- Offering state of the art techniques for data capture we can provide detailed 3D maps for your event, construction site providing accurate photogrammetry for use with drawings to create easy to use materials for real-life models for client meetings, progress reports and setting-out once on site

- Along with our software partners, you can be sure you will have the most professional and comprehensive data to support your projects whether you are in Events, Commercial and Residential Construction, Estate Agency, Promotions or Agriculture.


Based in Dorset and drawing on 30 years of combined experience of working at heights, Construction and Event & Festival work, we have an in-depth understanding of the need for safely collected, accurate and well-presented data. We use the latest hardware to access difficult to reach places, quickly and safely. Then together with our cloud-based software partners we can offer services across the Construction, Event, Promotional & Agricultural Industries. 


Providing solutions including simple inspection photos, site progress reports, 360º videos, Estate Agency house tours, Event and Festival site surveys for reparations and location handover, building inspections for repairs.

We are passionate about providing a safe, reliable and cost-effective service and we are dedicated to helping our clients so they can make informed decisions using the data collected.


Contact us today to see how we can help you.



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